My Memoir. . .

11 Months by Ashley Tran

Those eleven months were the best but then something just happened something that every parents just remember and cry. . . I am going to break this story down to months. But I am  going to skip a few months.

Month 1: My mom was in the hospital. She was having another child. While my mom was in the hospital me, my dad, and my uncle went to Target. We were buying a pink blanket. When we got back I went w/ my Aunt to her house. My mom told me to. My aunt cooked me and her son Nathan lunch. After that we fell asleep.

Month 2: My mom took my brothers and sisters to school. Soon after my dad left. So the only ones left was me, Dylan, And Elizabeth. Dylan was asleep and I slept in the crib with Elizabeth. My mom cooked us lunch and after we ate we played outside. When mom went to pick up my siblings we sat in the car not wanting to go in. when we got home we watched television. My dad came home and we ate dinner and soon went to bed that is all we did for everyday of the month.

Month 3: My mom just finished getting milk for Elizabeth my mom told me to go in her room and watch Elizabeth for a little while. I sat in the room waiting for my favorite show to come back on. My mom told me that she trusted me for some reason. . . I enjoyed watching my little sister but I always fell asleep. My dad came home one evening with pizza. I really enjoyed pizza back then. So when I saw my dad bring home pizza he had a contest with my brother. It was called “Who Can Eat Pizza Faster?” My dad let Thomas win one time the rest he always won by three bites and then he is done. I thought it was funny. Because my mom ended up saying that he better not throw up or else. . . So my dad would run outside without trying to laugh. He chewed and then swallowed. And then he would swoop one of us up and pretend to eat us. My mom told us to go do our normal duties. (brush our teeth,take a shower and off to bed.)


Month 10: My mom ran so many errands with the three little ones (me, brother, and sister) that she got tired so on the weekends my mom would make Christine in charge while she was asleep. During those errands at one point Elizabeth got terribly ill. So when Christine watched her she did not know that she needed medicine, and neither did my mom. Soon May came and everybody knew.

Month 11: On May 26, 2001 Elizabeth had passed away. Everyone was devastated. When the funeral arrived everybody cried not one dry eye was in the cemetery building. My oldest sister Christine did a speech talking and saying all about Elizabeth. She was not able to continue she was not able to talk she too was devastated.

During those times we still remember her and I  believe she is in a better place. . . We still visit from time to time she is now with my grandma & grandpa. At Rose Hills Cemetery.