Challenge 10 Activity 1

I think the most interesting activity/challenge was challenge number one because I enjoyed saying what I enjoy and all about me. It helped me tell who I am without being shy or ashamed it helped me show who I really am not how I act. I didn’t enjoy challenge number 6. I didn’t enjoy it because I don’t like talking about tests because it gets me all nervous and tense and at times I assume I am going to fail. But I did enjoy all the challenges because they were all interesting to me.

Ode To My Friends.

They are annoying.
Amazing, stupid, funny.
And so many others words.
To many to mention all in one poem.
You have the most amazing adventures together!
I love them for that.
Even when they get you in trouble.
You have to love them for that.
If they were to make a movie.
Your friendship between you and your best friends will be the best movie premiere.
They brighten up your day.
When it is the gloomiest of the weather.
Even with your ups and downs.
You love your friends.
For who they are.
Not for how they act.
You say some things here and there.
It vanishes as if they were never there.
Your friends are apart,
of your heart.
So as I close this poem I say
My dedications to the ones who have been there every step of the way.
And Mimi.
I love them with all my heart.
But when my hearts falls apart.
I want them to know that I am okay.
When they are close by.
<3 Nina, Michelle, Mimi<3

Response to Lit.

Jake Moon: The Graduation

By:Ashley T.

Have you ever had a loved family member with a cancer or disease? Well in the story Jake Moon. Jake’s grandfather gets a disease called Alzheimer Disease. The story’s message is that if you love someone show that you love them before it’s to late.

In the story Jake Moon moves to his grandfather Skelly’s house. Skelly Had named Jake and when Jake and his cousin gets into a fight of who brings down the table to the basement. Skelly loses his temper and hurries down the stairs with the table missing two steps and having Skelly fall down breaking his wrists. Skelly goes through a depression when that happens. Skelly gets a nurse but the she quits, because her daughter has problems. And Mrs. Russell gets hired. When Mrs. Russell loses Skelly everyone is very scared. Skelly was found on the bad side of the city.

My evidence of the story is on pages 81, 82, 85, 86, 89, 92-98. On pages 81, 82, 85, 86, 89, & 92. On page 81 and 82 Jake takes his time and he chases after the police officer saying that the police officer is giving up. This shows that Jake cares about his grandpa. Another example is on page 85 and 86 the whole family stays up to watch the 10 o’clock news. Jake’s mom had sent in a picture to the officer and they had sent to the News channel. Jake and James got into a fight because they were really upset for their grandpa. 89 is another fight between them because Jame’s does not think Jake think he is worried about Skelly. 92 Jake does not think it is right too sleep, when Skelly is out there cold and unable to sleep.

On pages 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, And 98. Is a continue of pages 92 but Jake also doesn’t think it is a bad choice to go to school because he is waiting for his grandpa to come home. 94-98 Jake ends up sleeping on the couch and then there is a knocking on the door. And the police tells them that Skelly’s hat was found at edge of lake and Jake was wide awake and Jake, Jake’s Mom, Aunt Marguerita, and James. They were all worried when they had gotten that news.

So all in all, you should always love someone before they are gone or leave. Also I think Jake has learned a very good lesson that he should not be afraid to show his grandfather.

I am a Student Blogger Challenger

About Me.

Student Blogging Challenge #1

My name is Ashley T. I am 11 years old. All of my interests are Playing tennis, eating vanilla cupcakes with a lot of FROSTING, going to Disneyland, social networking, chatting with friends, hanging with friends, saying “Hi” to random people in their cars, and yelling. My birthday is June 11. My best friends are Mimi and Elizabeth. My friends say I am unique and if someone had replaced me they would know the difference right away. I believe I am a square. People say I am a circle. I would like to learn French. I speak English in my house. My life is difficult with 7 people in my house and that’s counting me. I am the middle child of 5 kids which really sucks! Because the little kids get all the attention and I am expected to stop the fight that break out between the 2 older kids. I am also expected to do most of the house work that I think is very unnecessary. I like when it rains the best because the more it rains the more times I don’t have to clean outside. I also enjoy to cook when it rains. I once made homemade cupcakes the cupcake was good the frosting was gross. I want to be a photographer. But if that doesn’t accomplish then I want to be a baker or chef. I love food!

Mindy and Jason

It was December 29, 2007. The day all my truths and her truths were to be revealed.

Hi, my name is Jason. And this is my friendship lost. . . It was dying away slowly. . . She was moving and I had no choice but to move to California. My best friends name is Mindy. . . Mindy was smart, pretty, funny, good sport, and very good athlete. Mindy and I were accepted to very good colleges. But they were in different states. Mindy was going to New York, and I, I was going to California.



“Why did you decide to move to New York? Why not California?” Jason kind of stuttered as he asked.

Mindy was very silent she didn’t want to tell him as much.

“I want to explore the world and get away from family.” Mindy said with a positive attitude.

Mindy’s mother died, and when it came to cooking her father never knew how so he left her in charge of cooking she had two little sisters that were very mean to her. So when she cooked they always broke the dish and ran out of the room not eating. . .

“So you want to get away from me?”

Mindy always told Jason that he was part of her family when his mother and father had split. Mindy offered to go and buy lunch Jason didn’t refuse he was really hungry.

Mindy replied, “No.”

“What?”Jason was very lost.

Mindy explained that her little sister were very mean to her and that she does not know why she can’t just order pizza. Jason understood even though he was an only child.

“Why are you going to California?” Mindy asked suddenly.

Jason shrugged.

Jason had to tell her so when she looked away he had told her the truth about getting track and field team and that when he had called to tell them they said that I had gotten really good grades in P.E. and when he refused they still allowed him. Mindy was very surprised cause Jason hates running and all he does i grab a book and begins running and reading. Jason was an honest person.

June, 27 2008.

Mindy was helping me pack. I had never been so tired in my life. I was up until 5 am packing for college. Mindy and I was going to California. Jason had started school before her. Since Mindy wanted to explore the world her and Jason was going to Disneyland. It was a surprise Jason had not told her until they get there. When Jason got there he said that they were going to Disneyland Mindy was so happy. When they got there Jason had bought a hotel room for each of them. Mindy payed for the food and stuff and when their week was over Jason had gone to school.

Mindy was on her way back home. When she notices a box. She pulled over and opened it. The box was full of pictures. She kept all of them. She was very tired when she got to New York.

July 28, 2012

Four years went by and thy had both graduated from College. Mindy called up Jason and told him to meet her at Disneyland. So they met. Then out of the blue Jason asked Mindy he sounded like a retard. Mindy said yes and then they had gotten married 3 years later.

My Everyday Hero.

My everyday hero is my mom. Her name is Thoa T. I picked my mom because my mom struggles to go from night shift job to morning shift. She took the effort to go to college and support us when she thought she couldn’t.


My mom said that her childhood sucked. It sucked because in the beginning it was nice then when they went to Seattle it changed her life completely. She also said that these rich people took in her and her family. They provided for them and bought them a bigger house than their own. But when my grandpa got lung cancer they had to move away and went to California where the weather is warmer. So they gave the big house to the people that supported them an they even payed for the house all they had to do was pay the taxes and bills.They enrolled at a school and got their educations, but they didn’t know any English, so they got a tutor that helped them w/ English. they passed elementary, middle school, and high school.


My mom’s difficulties was when my dad started gambling and when he lost are house. Everybody moved back to my grandma’s house. My mom didn’t have a job so she stayed home. My dad said he will do it while she watches her mom she agreed. And that was my mom’s difficulties.


My mom slowly understood and my dad got mad so he and my mom split. As my mom looked for a job my mom’s boyfriend supported us. When my mom found a job she went to college. A couple months after she got another job. She ended up getting two jobs. My mom’s boyfriend was really proud.


My mom achieved so much in the past. She went to college when almost her whole family doubted her saying that she will never achieve anything in life. And she finished High School.

My mom is my hero and no one can change it no matter what.

  • Who is your hero in your life?
  • Would you like to be just like them?
  • How is he/she your hero?

My Memoir. . .

11 Months by Ashley Tran

Those eleven months were the best but then something just happened something that every parents just remember and cry. . . I am going to break this story down to months. But I am  going to skip a few months.

Month 1: My mom was in the hospital. She was having another child. While my mom was in the hospital me, my dad, and my uncle went to Target. We were buying a pink blanket. When we got back I went w/ my Aunt to her house. My mom told me to. My aunt cooked me and her son Nathan lunch. After that we fell asleep.

Month 2: My mom took my brothers and sisters to school. Soon after my dad left. So the only ones left was me, Dylan, And Elizabeth. Dylan was asleep and I slept in the crib with Elizabeth. My mom cooked us lunch and after we ate we played outside. When mom went to pick up my siblings we sat in the car not wanting to go in. when we got home we watched television. My dad came home and we ate dinner and soon went to bed that is all we did for everyday of the month.

Month 3: My mom just finished getting milk for Elizabeth my mom told me to go in her room and watch Elizabeth for a little while. I sat in the room waiting for my favorite show to come back on. My mom told me that she trusted me for some reason. . . I enjoyed watching my little sister but I always fell asleep. My dad came home one evening with pizza. I really enjoyed pizza back then. So when I saw my dad bring home pizza he had a contest with my brother. It was called “Who Can Eat Pizza Faster?” My dad let Thomas win one time the rest he always won by three bites and then he is done. I thought it was funny. Because my mom ended up saying that he better not throw up or else. . . So my dad would run outside without trying to laugh. He chewed and then swallowed. And then he would swoop one of us up and pretend to eat us. My mom told us to go do our normal duties. (brush our teeth,take a shower and off to bed.)


Month 10: My mom ran so many errands with the three little ones (me, brother, and sister) that she got tired so on the weekends my mom would make Christine in charge while she was asleep. During those errands at one point Elizabeth got terribly ill. So when Christine watched her she did not know that she needed medicine, and neither did my mom. Soon May came and everybody knew.

Month 11: On May 26, 2001 Elizabeth had passed away. Everyone was devastated. When the funeral arrived everybody cried not one dry eye was in the cemetery building. My oldest sister Christine did a speech talking and saying all about Elizabeth. She was not able to continue she was not able to talk she too was devastated.

During those times we still remember her and I  believe she is in a better place. . . We still visit from time to time she is now with my grandma & grandpa. At Rose Hills Cemetery.

Welcome. . .

Hello world! 😀

Hello. . . My name is Ashley. I am a sixth grader at a school called Jane Addams Middle School(J.A.M.S.) I am not the  best student. . . I am going to put most of the things I will do, some of my stories, and things that I have read aloud to the class and will be posting on the blog. . . Comment. . .