Ode To My Friends.

They are annoying.
Amazing, stupid, funny.
And so many others words.
To many to mention all in one poem.
You have the most amazing adventures together!
I love them for that.
Even when they get you in trouble.
You have to love them for that.
If they were to make a movie.
Your friendship between you and your best friends will be the best movie premiere.
They brighten up your day.
When it is the gloomiest of the weather.
Even with your ups and downs.
You love your friends.
For who they are.
Not for how they act.
You say some things here and there.
It vanishes as if they were never there.
Your friends are apart,
of your heart.
So as I close this poem I say
My dedications to the ones who have been there every step of the way.
And Mimi.
I love them with all my heart.
But when my hearts falls apart.
I want them to know that I am okay.
When they are close by.
<3 Nina, Michelle, Mimi<3