Response to Lit.

Jake Moon: The Graduation

By:Ashley T.

Have you ever had a loved family member with a cancer or disease? Well in the story Jake Moon. Jake’s grandfather gets a disease called Alzheimer Disease. The story’s message is that if you love someone show that you love them before it’s to late.

In the story Jake Moon moves to his grandfather Skelly’s house. Skelly Had named Jake and when Jake and his cousin gets into a fight of who brings down the table to the basement. Skelly loses his temper and hurries down the stairs with the table missing two steps and having Skelly fall down breaking his wrists. Skelly goes through a depression when that happens. Skelly gets a nurse but the she quits, because her daughter has problems. And Mrs. Russell gets hired. When Mrs. Russell loses Skelly everyone is very scared. Skelly was found on the bad side of the city.

My evidence of the story is on pages 81, 82, 85, 86, 89, 92-98. On pages 81, 82, 85, 86, 89, & 92. On page 81 and 82 Jake takes his time and he chases after the police officer saying that the police officer is giving up. This shows that Jake cares about his grandpa. Another example is on page 85 and 86 the whole family stays up to watch the 10 o’clock news. Jake’s mom had sent in a picture to the officer and they had sent to the News channel. Jake and James got into a fight because they were really upset for their grandpa. 89 is another fight between them because Jame’s does not think Jake think he is worried about Skelly. 92 Jake does not think it is right too sleep, when Skelly is out there cold and unable to sleep.

On pages 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, And 98. Is a continue of pages 92 but Jake also doesn’t think it is a bad choice to go to school because he is waiting for his grandpa to come home. 94-98 Jake ends up sleeping on the couch and then there is a knocking on the door. And the police tells them that Skelly’s hat was found at edge of lake and Jake was wide awake and Jake, Jake’s Mom, Aunt Marguerita, and James. They were all worried when they had gotten that news.

So all in all, you should always love someone before they are gone or leave. Also I think Jake has learned a very good lesson that he should not be afraid to show his grandfather.