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Student Blogging Challenge #1

My name is Ashley T. I am 11 years old. All of my interests are Playing tennis, eating vanilla cupcakes with a lot of FROSTING, going to Disneyland, social networking, chatting with friends, hanging with friends, saying “Hi” to random people in their cars, and yelling. My birthday is June 11. My best friends are Mimi and Elizabeth. My friends say I am unique and if someone had replaced me they would know the difference right away. I believe I am a square. People say I am a circle. I would like to learn French. I speak English in my house. My life is difficult with 7 people in my house and that’s counting me. I am the middle child of 5 kids which really sucks! Because the little kids get all the attention and I am expected to stop the fight that break out between the 2 older kids. I am also expected to do most of the house work that I think is very unnecessary. I like when it rains the best because the more it rains the more times I don’t have to clean outside. I also enjoy to cook when it rains. I once made homemade cupcakes the cupcake was good the frosting was gross. I want to be a photographer. But if that doesn’t accomplish then I want to be a baker or chef. I love food!

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