Mindy and Jason

It was December 29, 2007. The day all my truths and her truths were to be revealed.

Hi, my name is Jason. And this is my friendship lost. . . It was dying away slowly. . . She was moving and I had no choice but to move to California. My best friends name is Mindy. . . Mindy was smart, pretty, funny, good sport, and very good athlete. Mindy and I were accepted to very good colleges. But they were in different states. Mindy was going to New York, and I, I was going to California.



“Why did you decide to move to New York? Why not California?” Jason kind of stuttered as he asked.

Mindy was very silent she didn’t want to tell him as much.

“I want to explore the world and get away from family.” Mindy said with a positive attitude.

Mindy’s mother died, and when it came to cooking her father never knew how so he left her in charge of cooking she had two little sisters that were very mean to her. So when she cooked they always broke the dish and ran out of the room not eating. . .

“So you want to get away from me?”

Mindy always told Jason that he was part of her family when his mother and father had split. Mindy offered to go and buy lunch Jason didn’t refuse he was really hungry.

Mindy replied, “No.”

“What?”Jason was very lost.

Mindy explained that her little sister were very mean to her and that she does not know why she can’t just order pizza. Jason understood even though he was an only child.

“Why are you going to California?” Mindy asked suddenly.

Jason shrugged.

Jason had to tell her so when she looked away he had told her the truth about getting track and field team and that when he had called to tell them they said that I had gotten really good grades in P.E. and when he refused they still allowed him. Mindy was very surprised cause Jason hates running and all he does i grab a book and begins running and reading. Jason was an honest person.

June, 27 2008.

Mindy was helping me pack. I had never been so tired in my life. I was up until 5 am packing for college. Mindy and I was going to California. Jason had started school before her. Since Mindy wanted to explore the world her and Jason was going to Disneyland. It was a surprise Jason had not told her until they get there. When Jason got there he said that they were going to Disneyland Mindy was so happy. When they got there Jason had bought a hotel room for each of them. Mindy payed for the food and stuff and when their week was over Jason had gone to school.

Mindy was on her way back home. When she notices a box. She pulled over and opened it. The box was full of pictures. She kept all of them. She was very tired when she got to New York.

July 28, 2012

Four years went by and thy had both graduated from College. Mindy called up Jason and told him to meet her at Disneyland. So they met. Then out of the blue Jason asked Mindy he sounded like a retard. Mindy said yes and then they had gotten married 3 years later.

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